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As an established top breeder, we can assure you that our animals are raised 100% naturally, with the suitable nutrition from early stages to give the final product a distinct taste of entirely organic cuts.

Our promise
for Quality

Based in Bulgaria, prime taste and marbling cuts, with zero additives and hormones and most importantly a great taste to uplift and elevate your meal and experience.

Customer service and delivery

We do personal delivery to your doorstep, we also consult and advise on everything you need to know about the exciting world of quality meats. Do not hesitate to call.

Message from the founder of OmaiaRanch:

Dear customers, my name is Omaia Younis, I launched OmaiaRanch about 9 years ago when I decided it was time to follow my heart and passion. From an architect who has completed agricultural research to a producer and supplier of boutique meats. For me, both my work and my passion were very similar. I saw both as an art form!
The production of premium meats, the process of dried mature meat, participation in herd breeding – has always been a hobby for me, so the transition was difficult, but very useful and pleasant.

The process of creating OmaiaRanch was a journey that took almost 3 years of research, licensing, permits and overall education about the fine art of Butchery

 With pride and great joy I present to you the results of all this on this website and I hope you enjoy the quality taste of the premium meat I love.

Kind regards,
Omaia Younis